As far as lawyer's fees are concerned, there are no fee schedule as such. The fees are thus negotiated between the client and the lawyer. They vary depending on the complexity of the issue dealt with.

Nevertheless, the rules governing the lawyer's profession require the conclusion of a fee agreement with the client. These rules also require the upfront payment of these fees, prior to any professional services carried out by the lawyer. Again, the amount of this fee depends on the complexity of the matter dealt with. The lawyer's working time is then included in the fees, according to the hourly rate stated in the agreement.

For environmental associations or individuals with reduced resources, our Law Firm charges a reduced fee of € 200 excl. tax / h. For companies and public authorities the hourly rate is generally € 300 excl. Tax / hour. 


flat fee can also be agreed upon for cases with low impact and straight-forward resolutions. This fee is applicable until the end of the procedure. As for the professional services included in this fee, these are further detailed in the fee agreement. 


Depending on the nature of the case, the fee agreement can entail a limited flat fee, which is requested at the beginning of the procedure, added with an additional fee based on the successful outcome of the lawyer's services including financial gains and savings. This fee shall be recovered at the end of the procedure.


Nota Bene : The arrangement of an additional fee solely based on result is strictly forbidden by the rules governing the lawyer's profession. 


First meeting


During the first meeting, we carefully go through your claims and difficulties and address any legal-related questions you may have. This is followed up by an assessment of the costs entailed by the case dealt with as well as its chances of success. The cost of this first meeting amounts to 200 €uros excluding tax.


This meeting will also allow us to assess whether the fees can be covered by a third party, especially if you have legal protection insurance. 


Irrecoverable costs


When the outcome of the litigation happens to be favourable, the client can generally be eligible for a compensation payment as they required a lawyer's assistance to assert their rights. The client does not get a refund of the actual costs and fees but a fixed-rate compensation payment known as "irrecoverable costs". The amount of the compensation payment allocated to the applicant is set in the judge's decision.


Public intervention


As far as interventions are concerned, whether it be in a school, in a public or professional environment, a fee is agreed upon according to the required task and its purpose. The amount of the fee also depends on the financial ressources of the structure calling for Artemisia's intervention.


Case-related costs are generally recovered in addition to the fees, unless otherwise stated in the fee agreement. The costs indicated below exclude taxes. The 20% VAT rate is applicable here.


Photocopies :

- 0,2 € per page in black and white

- 0,4 € per page in color


Postal costs for registered letters or voluminous packages : 

- at cost price


Transport costs :

- by public transport : at cost price

- by car : a fixed kilometric amount of 1,20 € per kilometer.  


Case-related costs which are claimed by a third party (a court bailiff) are not included in the lawyer's pay and are billed in addition to the fees.


Support to civil society

In some cases, the Artemisia non-profit association is ready to cover the payment of the lawyer's fees.


Artemisia association is an international non-profit association based in Brussels and created under Belgian law, legally supporting civil society actors who are involved and committed in the protection of the Environment and the defense of Human rights.

The purpose of Artemisia association is achievable thanks to its partnership with Artemisia Law firm. Through the association's involvement, we assist civil society players with our legal expertise in order to boost the efficiency of their campaigns to defend the Environment and Human rights.


To benefit from this financial support, your requests can be addressed to the association or directly to the Law firm. An assessment committee will evaluate the eligibility of your request for financial support. A decision is then made following a quick procedure. Artemisia Law Firm then adresses the selected requests following the signature of a tripartite agreement.


To get further information on eligibility conditions and submission requests, please check this link.