Particularly sensitive to the ecological cause, Blanche MAGARINOS-REY is dedicated, both professionally and personally, to the defense of the environment and its actors.


Her convictions led her to join and campaign for many environmental associations, as well as to get involved in local politics in an attempt to integrate sustainable development goals into the political agenda.


These convictions sustain her work as a lawyer  for the safeguard of nature, justice and human rights on a daily basis.


Although Blanche Magarinos-Rey is particularly involved with civil society actors, she also assists public institutions and individuals.


Business or industrial companies are also among her customers. Blanche Magarinos-Rey usually assists them regarding the application of Environmental Law. She also represents their interests - which are expected to be in line with sustainable development goals - through "responsible lobbying" of public or private decision-makers.  


Ideally, the Law firm will assist you prior to any difficulties you may encounter with regards to law application. However, the Law firm will also assist if you need to require judicial arbitration.


As far as methodology is concerned, the Law firm favours trustworthy relationships and dialogue in order to provide creative and efficient services. It also aims to ensure responsiveness and billing transparency.


"I believe in love, I believe in beauty, I believe in justice, I believe that in spite of everything good prevails over evil on this earth and that man will create god."


Anatole France