The lawyers

Blanche Magarinos-Rey

Graduate from the Universities of Montpellier, Constance (Germany) and Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne, Blanche MAGARINOS-REY took the lawyer’s oath on 4 April 2006.


She holds a post-graduate diploma (DEA - ex-Master II Research) in environmental law, and a diploma of advanced studies (DESS - ex-Master II Professional) in urbanism and public works, both realized at the University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne.


Her experiences within the company EIFFAGE T.P. and the State Council made her known the entrepreneurial world, as well as the judicial environment.


Thanks to her family relationships, she knows five languages (French, English, Spanish, German and Portuguese).


In France, she intervenes before all Courts, when the dispute concerns one of the Law firm fields of competence (environment, urbanism,  human rights ...).


Abroad, her activity is more oriented towards advice and public relations/lobbying towards public institutions and private operators.



Antoine de Lombardon

Antoine de Lombardon holds a post-graduate diploma in European Politics (Paris III - Paris Panthéon Sorbonne Nouvelle) and a post-graduate diploma in health and food safety law (Paris I - Paris Panthéon Sorbonne), after having obtained a double master's degree in public and European law (Paris II - Paris Panthéon Assas).


Wishing to commit to a discipline that includes a scientific dimension, Antoine has oriented his professional activity towards the environmental law.


Following a first experience as a lawyer for the CNRS (French National Center of Scientific Research), he served for four years as head of the Legal Department of the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (Afsset - now Anses).


A lawyer since 2010, Antoine worked for 6 years as a collaborator of a law firm with a strong reputation in environmental law, both in consultancy and litigation, before joining Artemisia.


He regularly publishes articles on environmental law and teaches environmental and mining law at the LaSalle Beauvais engineering school.



The Law Firm

"I believe in love, I believe in beauty, I believe in justice, I believe that in spite of everything good prevails over evil on this earth and that man will create god."


Anatole France 

OUR vision

Essentially, we aspire to a world where the rule of Law, its institutions, its actors and its different legislations combine their efforts for the purpose of protecting Life, in all its forms.


In this ideal legal environment, human societies will be free and conscious and will have found harmony and balance with all living beings, thanks notably to an enhanced sensitivity for Beauty. 



OUR mission

The Law firm Artemisia has for mission to foster access to law and justice for civil society actors engaged in the protection of the environment and the safeguard of Human rights, through advisory activities, legal support, assistance and representation in justice, on the basis of symbolic or even pro bono fees, as often as possible. 


Concretely, Artemisia supports the dynamism of the civil society by : 

  • giving operational advices,
  • legal support for long-term campaigns,
  • tacking over judicial litigation,
  • advocacy or "lobbying" actions based on trust and cooperation with public decision makers and journalists,
  • participation in conferences, forums, public debates, publication of articles, practical manuals and the organization of workshops on environmental law.

OUR values


In its work and organization, the Law firm is committed to respect and implement the following values: 

  • Service-minded :  aspiration to assist those who ask, with good will and disinterest
  • Proficiency : delivering a service of excellence and offering innovative solutions by making the best use of available tools
  • Commitment : providing a benevolent  and interested support to the cause
  • Loyalty : being faithful to commitments made to customers and partners and acting in a transparent and authentic manner
  • Delicacy : respecting interlocutors and the uses of professional courtesy
  • Respect : tolerance of journey and deep motivations of clients and partners and non-interference in their choices and orientations
  • Pleasure : acting with good humour and being able to recognize and celebrate the positive aspects of the paths to be realized and the results obtained