The full processing of a case often involves multidisciplinary knowledge, either technical or procedural.


In order to assist you efficiently in setting up your projects or resolving your disputes, Artemisia is strongly committed to intervening in broad areas of expertise and may also use private law tools despite focusing mainly on public law.



We often picture attorneys pleading in Court. However, their expertise is also very well-fitted for lobbying missions. Attorneys indeed have a thorough knowledge and understanding of Law added with excellent speaking and linguistic skills. They are therefore very much skilled in their use of language and quickly anticipates what the implications of a legal Act are. They can also draft legally efficient Acts.


Artemisia lawyers are here to assist you in your interactions with public or private decision-makers as well as with lobbies empowered to induce change in the event of new law or ruling initiatives, whether at the national, European or international level.


Nevertheless, we do not believe all causes are worth fighting for. Instead, we strive for « responsible lobbying » respectful of both the Environment and People’s work.