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Here you can find some of our publications written in English:

Seed sovereignty, food security

This unique, international offering on an issue of critical importance today, demonstrates how women as activists, scientists and scholars are at the forefront of shaping new scientific and economic paradigms to reclaim seed sovereignty and food security across the world. Women in the North and South are leading movements to change both practice and paradigm: how we grow and transform our food. As seed keepers and food producers, as mothers and consumers, they are engaged in renewing a food system that is better aligned with the ecological processes of the earth s renewal, the laws of human rights and social justice, and the means through which our bodies stay well and healthy.

The law of the seed


Law proposal on seeds, under the authority of the international organisation NAVDANYA chaired by Vandana Shiva. Available here in English.




Kokopelli association versus Graines Baumaux Company


Article published in the report Seed Freedom - A global citizens' report - Co-ordinated by Navdanya